We will not redistribute your personal information to anyone.

All information that might be considered personal are stored encrypted.

At the event legal issues occur we will cooperate with legal governmental agencies only after a formal request.


Prices are shown in your statement and if you use the API you will see it in your reciept for each sent SMS.

Prices can vary between 0.60 SEK to 2.00 SEK depending on destination

Failed messages are charged as a normal SMS.


Payment is mostly done by top-up through our online payment system.

If you are VIP customer you might pay by invoice, either prepaid or in advance, depending on agreement.


We do not tolerate spam in any amount, from anyone in any country.

Messages are sent from a sender to a recipient due to one of the following reasons

  • Current business relation
  • Customer service relation
  • Person to person relation
  • Emergency situations
  • Technical information like passwords or codes

If a recipient feels uncomfortable about your messages and you cant show either one of the above, your account will be shut down.
Remaining credit is charged as a spam fee.

Even though we dont tolerate spam, we encourage advertising to current customers.

If you have a sender continuing sending you sms even if you given them a remark about it, you can block your number for that sender at this site.